Central Auckland

Posted: January 25, 2017

Central Auckland

This home underwent significant remedial and preventative maintenance. We repaired isolated cracks in the existing exterior using the Sto Remedial Plaster System, matching the original texture and re-coated the walls with Stolastic Colour, an elastometric paint. This complimented the installation of expansion joints at strategic locations around the building to allow for the normal day to day movement a home experiences. All of the timber joinery was stripped and repainted with Resene Enamel paints and a decorative band was installed which serves to divert water away from the garage door. We added new exterior lights and carried out a full moisture detection to confirm the maintenance was 100% successful.


“We are more than delighted with the finished job.  We also had no idea there was so much work involved.  All your employees were great; polite, cheerful and pleasant to have around the house.  I think the commitment to producing an excellent result despite the challenges should be something that your team should be proud of.”

Remuera, Auckland


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