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Home Smart offers a wide range of home improvement services, ranging from house washing and deck staining to plastering and painting.

If your property looks worn out and requires the following improvement services, feel free to get in touch with us.

Plaster Cladding Repairs

If you notice chipped or cracked plaster on your walls or ceiling, worry not, for they can be fixed to perfection in a couple of easy steps. Our professionals have hands-on experience working on all types of plasters and can tell the best solution just by looking at the problem.

No matter how severe or trivial the damage may be, we will repair it like it was never there.

Residential Exterior Painting

Your home exteriors bear the ordeal of environment the most and tend to wear out with every passing year. Home Smart provides residential exterior painting to make your home look as good as new. We use premium paint and apply double coat of it to make sure the finish stays for years to come.

Home Smart has the resources and equipment to handle painting projects of all sizes, whether a small apartment or a villa.

Residential Interior Painting

Whether you are welcoming a new member to the family or want to change your home interiors for better, interior painting can pretty much meet the purpose. We can give you a choice of colours to create the kind of interiors you want.

While we paint the walls and the ceilings, we make it a point to cover the floor and furniture with plastic sheet to protect them from paint splatters. After the job is done, we will clean after ourselves so that you do not have to move a muscle.

Roof Painting

Keep your roof cool and protected against UV and moisture damage with our roof painting services. Roof paint acts as a barrier between your home and external environment. With heat-reflective technology, this protective coating keeps your interiors cool during warmer months and reduces dependency on your air conditioning system; hence, considerable savings on energy bill.

Deck Fence Staining

Deck fence is one the major investments you make as a homeowner, and keeping it in good shape means better returns. With regular deck fence, not only will we prolong your investment but will also make your property better in terms of aesthetics and value.

We use premium products for deck staining so that your decks look beautiful and remain protected against environmental damage for a long time to come.

House Washing Maintenance Programmes

House washing is the fastest way to remove stubborn stains and grime from your property’s exteriors, mainly roof, driveways, patio and decks. Using powered pressure washers, our professionals can complete the job in minutes which would take hours without the equipment.

With the right nozzle and pressure setting, we can clean just about any surface to give you sparkling outdoors for making the first impression right.

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