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Deck Fence Staining & Repair

elastomeric paintingIf your timber surfaces are looking a little run down, we can gently clean them and then re-stain using top-quality products to bring them back to life. Regular staining protects your deck from damage, enhances life and improves visual appeal.

If your deck is chipped at the edges or all over the surface, we can fix that too. Any scuffs and dents on your deck will be repaired using advanced sanding techniques. In case the damage is beyond repairs, we’ll fix it within the minimum expense.

We also provide staining and repairs for the following:

  • Timber Decks, Fences and Trellis
  • Garage Doors, Doors, Weatherboards and Bargeboards
  • Pergolas and Garden Furniture

Deck Repairs Service in Auckland

Your decks bear the ordeal of environment, foot traffic, furniture being dragged across the surface and much more you might not know about. This causes your decks to wear out sooner than they should. Re-staining your timber surfaces is a truly cost-effective way to revitalize your outdoor areas. All those imperfections will be perfectly concealed and your decks will shine like new again.

Deck staining creates an extra layer of protection to keep moisture and UV rays at bay. It’s a small investment which yields immense benefits in the long run.

Our decking experts have 20 years of experience in deck staining and repairs. We’ll make your experience with us as convenient as possible. Call us today for a free quote on 0800 300 444 or contact us here for a free quote.

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