plaster cladding

House Washing & Maintenance Programmes

plaster-cladEvery home is different and we recommend developing a simple maintenance program to take care of your home. We visit your home and discuss a maintenance program for your specific needs, which may include some or all of the below as well as the possibility of a moisture inspection. Ongoing preventive maintenance is affordable and crucial to maintain the value of your home and your peace of mind!

Exterior Cleaning

All exterior walls are Soft Washed from gutter to ground level including, but not limited to: exterior gutters / spouting / downpipes / eaves / soffits / joinery.

Roof Treatment

We spray a specifically formulated product onto the roof surface designed to kill lichen and moss. After 12 months the rain, sun and wind gradually break down and wash away the dead roof lichen and moss leaving the roof looking fresh and clean again.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are flushed out with low-pressure water and an inspection of the downpipes to ensure they are unblocked and free of debris. On occasion our operators may need to clear gutters by hand prior to flushing them out. Regular gutter cleaning is a must, even more so on plaster clad homes.

Water Blasting

Concrete driveways, pathways, pavers, brickwork other hard surfaces are first treated with a cleaning agent which removes mould/fungus and kills the spores. The desired areas are then water blasted using medium to high water pressure. On completion of water blasting we wash away any splash back leaving all areas looking clean, neat and tidy.

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