Joinery Recolouring

Professional Aluminium Joinery Recolouring

First impressions are important. Joinery recolouring has a huge impact on the appeal and value of your home, rental or commercial property. Dated or faded joinery can be unappealing and will often turn potential buyers away even before they set foot inside. We understand home improvement investment decisions are significant and you need to choose a reliable company that will do the job right the first time and stand by its workmanship.
We pride ourselves as being a home maintenance service company, specialising in niche services that require a high level of training, experience and knowledge. Due to our core beliefs and work ethics, we have gone from strength to strength. All staff have hands on training and work to strict company systems that adhere to our values. We set ourselves precise standards and have undertaken comprehensive testing to find the perfect paint and application methods that deliver a finish second to none.

Replacement vs Recolouring
If your property demands to be modernised, HomeSmart can repaint all the aluminium window joinery for around a third the cost of replacing them.

Renovate your Aluminium Joinery
If you have old worn out window hardware, we can replace all latches and locks as well

Our Proven Solution
HomeSmart is a reputable New Zealand company. We focus on technology and innovation to ensure we are always up to date with the best products and application methods in the market designed to stand the test of time.

No Job Too Small
We’re quite happy to help. Even if you only have part of a window that needs repairing we’re quite happy to quote on it. Due to fading we often have to recolour the entire window but each situation is unique and we can discuss options with you.

Why Us
We’re friendly, honest, efficient and most importantly we’re professional. We are recognised and respected as specialists in home maintenance including aluminium joinery recolouring.

Guarantee Quality
We stand by our workmanship. We only use highly trained staff that know our products and processes – we know the final result will stand the test of time in the most demanding conditions. We use sophisticated paint technology and specialised application processes to ensure our recolouring is second to none. By paying careful attention to our preparation, materials, technique, equipment and the painting conditions, we produce a perfect finish every time – guaranteed.

We are members of Hazardco and carry all required PPE equipment. Additionally, we also own all our scaffold which saves you time and money as we don’t have the downtime or cost associated with height access requirements.



   Joinery Recolouring
If your joinery is faded we can repair and recolour, or you may want to go for a completely new look. Modernising the street appeal will significantly increase market value of your home.

   Window Latch Replacement
Corroded, broken or discoloured window latches can be replaced with brand new. We have access to a huge range of styles including all the latest models. 

   Window Seal Replacement
We will replace damaged or worn out rubber seals to prevent the weather from coming in.

   Garage Doors
Garage doors cover a huge surface area and have a significant impact on the look of your home. Using the same techniques as for the joinery, we can recolour your aluminium garage door to compliment your joinery.

   Fascia & Guttering
We can also professionally recolour your fascia, gutters and spouting to complete new look.

   Joinery Repairs
If your joinery is dented, scratched or full of misplaced holes we can repair it. We use a unique compound which is applied and smoothed out over the damaged area. We then sand, apply the undercoat and follow up with the top-coat leaving the joinery looking perfectly new again.

Our Process

Preparation is the key to a perfect and flawless finish, but the amount of preparation required depends on the type and condition. Both older powder coated aluminium windows with chalky paint and anodized aluminium windows take a lot more preparation than a newer powder coated surface.

The aluminium window frames are thoroughly cleaned and wiped down to ensure paint adhesion.

Surface Protection
Adjoining surfaces are protected so there is no chance of overspray. Where possible, all brackets, latches and catches are removed as well as window seals, sashes and doors. The surrounds and glass are masked ready for the paint to be applied.

The windows are hand sanded with various sandpapers to ensure good adhesion of the paint. They are then blown with compressed air and thoroughly cleaned again with a special cleaning agent to remove any surface contamination.

An etching primer is applied to all bare aluminium to improve adhesion.

Top Coats
Two coats of your preferred colour are then applied using market leading 2k paint to perfect the finish.


How long does the process take to recolour all my joinery on my property?
An average 4 bedroom, single story home can be done in 7 – 10 working days.
Multi-level homes can take up to a week longer.

Are the windows and doors taken offsite to be recoloured?
Every component is recoloured onsite. We do have to remove some opening doors and windows to ensure full coverage but these are replaced before the end of the day ensuring there are no security issues.

What do you use to recolour aluminium joinery?
We use the highest quality 2k industrial paint. It’s an incredibly durable paint system and comes with a 10-year paint manufacturers warranty for peace of mind.

How do you protect my home from over spray, curtains etc?
The system we use doesn’t produce a huge amount of over spray, but yes absolutely. We are very strict on not damaging your property. If necessary curtains can be removed, drop cloths and masking ensure all your property is protected.

Is there a smell left in my home?
As with all paint there is a smell but it will usually clear after 20-30mins depending on air-flow of a room. We can run our extraction fans if required but there won’t be a lingering smell once complete.

How long does it take for the product to dry?
The surface will be touch dry within 60 minutes, you may handle it after 8 hours and fully cured after 7 days.

Can you see brush marks?
The paint is applied using quality spray equipment leaving the same if not better finish than the original.

My house is being painted, do I paint my house or joinery first?
We recommend joinery recolouring first. The paint we use on the joinery uses a hardener making it far stronger than house paint.

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