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Leaky decks

Leaking and Damaged Deck Repairs

Leaky Deck Repairs Auckland

Decks can cause major issues when not built or attached to the home correctly. Investments don’t come much bigger than your home, so it’s essential a poorly constructed deck doesn’t destroy your home.

Tiled decks over a butynol membrane have been known to cause the bulk of the problems, but bearer’s with no spacing or penetrating directly into the cladding can also pose just as great a risk.

Leaking Deck Solutions

We are pragmatic in our approach to finding a solution for your home. We can talk through various options that may be suitable and sometimes it is as simple as installing a new flashing over high risk areas. In other cases we may need to remove the deck surface in order to waterproof or even strip the underlying structure and re-detail the deck to meet the current building code.

So if you have concerns about your leaky deck, expert assistance is only a call away. We’ll be able to provide a practical solution for you leaky deck repairs.

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