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Interior Plastering and Wall Repairs

Interior Plastering and Gib Repairs

We can help with your project, big or small. Our skilled gib stoppers and have an eye for detail and always deliver. Our Auckland gib stoppers are recognised for delivering on our word, on time and on budget.
The comprehensive nature of our staff means every detail of your project will be carefully completed and documented by our experienced team.
Call us now for your interior plastering needs.

Small gib stopping jobs

We have specialist gib stoppers who specialise in small jobs, from mending a few holes to stopping full room or renovation.

We can usually provide an interior plastering quote within a few days and start within a week. If necessary we can also paint the affected areas to make it as good as new. No job is too small or too large and can accommodate your needs. Call today for a free quote .

Interior Crack Repairs

Cracks appear on interior surfaces for many reasons ranging from the house settling, water damage or just a bit of movement. We can easily repair these cracks simply by raking them out, embedding a paper-tape in a new coat of plaster and sanding smooth to ensure a high quality finish.

Our skilled gib stoppers (interior plasterers) are recognised for delivering on time and on budget. And our quality assurance checklist means your project will be carefully completed by our experienced team. Our job is complete when you are happy.

Plaster Repair
Plaster Repair

Holes and Damage to Plaster Surfaces

Damage and holes in your plaster surfaces are easily repaired. We simply square off the area and replace the missing section then plaster over to perfect the finish.

We are committed to providing you with interior plaster repairs that will make that crack or hole in the wall disappear. Our interior plasterers have an eye for detail and will complete the job to an exceptionally high standard.

To complete the project, we can also perform a colour match and paint the affected area.

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