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Exterior Repairs and Plaster Maintenance

Exterior Plaster Wall Repair and Maintenance

Plaster homes look great.  Unfortunately, some are incredibly susceptible to damage from moisture. Luckily, in most cases, you won’t need to fully re-clad your home.

Plaster cladding, also known as monolithic cladding will require maintenance to ensure your home remains weathertight. While all homes rely on paint to protect the cladding, your plaster home generally needs a little more maintenance to prevent moisture ingress. Any penetration in the plaster cladding provides a chance for water to enter and access the timber framing. Small cracks around windows, doors, and plumbing penetrations can cause significant damage to your home.

Even if the timber framing is treated, you still need to be aware of potential issues.

If your plaster home needs more than just maintenance, our licensed builders can remove and replace damaged cladding, framing, and improve external flashings to improve the weather tightness of your home.

  • Home Repair
  • Home Repair

A well-maintained home is a lot less likely to develop problems.

When inspecting your plaster cladding, keep an eye out for:

  • Pitting or powdery paint
  • Cracks in exterior plaster
  • Impact damage to plaster cladding
  • Clearance issues from bottom of plaster cladding to ground level
  • Lack of diverter/kick out flashings to direct water away from the wall structure
  • Lack of expansion joints to assist movement in the building structure
  • Poor waterproofing / sealing to penetrations in the plastered walls
  • Lack of fall to plastered handrails and parapet tops
  • Plaster bands or plaster eyebrows above windows to assist with diverting
  • Water away from penetrations.

If you need help with your home but unsure of who to contact, give us a call. We are here to help and will talk over aspects of your home and provide you with pragmatic solutions. For your peace of mind, our exterior plasterers are specialists in monolithic cladding maintenance. We employ all our exterior plasterers to guarantee quality control and manage the project from beginning to end ensuring your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.

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  • Home Repair

    Damage caused by faulty window sealant

    This was caused by minor damage to the sealant around the window of this home. Over a period of time, the moisture in the wall damaged the timber framing beyond repair and began rotting the skirting as well.

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    Water and moisture damage

    This damage was caused by an alarm being installed in the home. While all looked good from the outside, there was no sealant around the screws or hole in the wall made by the power cable. Over the years water easily found its way into the wall, destroying the framing in the home. It’s important to note there is often very little indication on the gib indicating there may be a potential issue.

  • Home Repair

    Long-term water damage

    It’s hard to see, but this is actually the corner of a house. Water had been entering the wall for such a long time there was no timber remaining in the wall. By the time we removed the cladding, there were worms living in the wall and had effectively turned the timber to dirt. While this can be relatively easily repaired, it shows just how destructive moisture can be.

  • Home Repair

    Telltale signs of water damage

    While not all issues are obvious, occasionally there are telltale signs such as this. Occasionally, when the area is opened up we actually find the damage is minimal and not structural so we can treat the timber, locate the source of the issue and make the area new again. However, there are also areas where there are no visible signs and the damage to the framing can be significant. It really goes to show just how vigilant you need to be.

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