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Leaky Deck Repairs

Waterproofing and Leaky Deck Repairs

Decks can cause major issues when not built or attached to the structure home correctly. A poorly constructed or old leaky deck and cause damage not only to the underlying structure, but also to the structure on other parts of your house. Addressing a leaky deck immediately is imperative to avoid wider or on-going issues with your home’s structure.

We approach any deck remediation process by conducting a thorough inspection and discuss various repair options with you. 

Our experienced team will manage the entire project from start to completion. 

Deck Repairs

There are a number of common deck issues that we have successfully addressd in the past, so we have a wealth of experience when it comes to remedial work on decks.

This includes:

  • Facilitation improved runnoff or drainage outlets
  • Replacing or installing butynol or waterproofing membranes (sometimes these are not properly installed from the outset)
  • Preventing moisture to enter at the wall junction through incorrectly installed wall coverings.
  • Installing correct flashings

Whether a wooden or tiled deck, we can ensure that your deck meets manufacturer and council standards and address any leaky deck issues to  ensure that the deck is water tight long into the future.

Sometimes it is as simple as installing new flashings over high-risk areas, but in some cases, we will need to strip the surface to expose the joist structure and re-detail the deck to meet the current building code. If you have concerns about your leaking deck, we’re only a call away. We’ll be able to provide a practical solution for your leaky deck repairs.

Deck Waterproofing

While we provide a pragmatic approach, it is important that the work is done right. We work alongside licenced water proofing specialists enabling us to provide you with a complete package. In order to correctly lay a membrane deck or roof, a lower portion of the cladding will need to be removed and replaced once the membrane has been installed. Our plasterers will replace and repair the cladding, match the texture and our builders will complete the remainder of the reinstatement.

In many situations we can also resurface your membrane deck or roof using specific advanced products. This significantly decreases the cost and provides significant additional life span to the original product.

Plaster Repair
Plaster Repair

Refurbishment and New Decks

Enhance your outdoor living with a new deck. HomeSmart can create any size project from small to large, basic to detailed. If necessary, we can also organise building consent for more complicated decks.

Our builders can build you a new deck, focus on deck restoration, and even build you a pergola. We use only the best suppliers and products to ensure you get the results you need. Not only can we create great decks, but we also offer great customer service and communication throughout.

Be sure to check our other services as we can help with so much more than just decks. Our builders can also complete other building projects to enhance your home.