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Exterior Plastering Auckland

Transform your Exterior

Some homes have more cracks than others and need an alternative solution. Where a home has too many cracks it may be better for your home to have a full re-mesh. This basically means your entire home will have an additional layer of mesh and plaster applied over all areas of your plaster cladding. You can also take this opportunity to change the style of texture that is applied and refresh the appearance of your home.

Bagged Brick

Give your home a rustic feel by bagging your masonry surfaces. Bagged brick can be applied over a variety of masonry surfaces including new or old brick, or even concrete blocks. Bagging provides an economical way of smoothing and closing the open lineal nature of bricks to provide an attractive feel to the exterior envelope of any dwelling prior to painting.

Clinker Brick

Do you have old Clinker Bricks and want to modernise your home? We can remove the texture and apply a levelling compound to produce a high quality even and true surface. The products we use are a specially developed plaster mix containing a blended mix of aggregates, cement, proprietary ingredients and a unique fibre reinforcement which allows for application over concrete block, brick walls and masonry surfaces. The fibre reinforcement MLC contains not only relieves curing stresses but also provides an excellent surface for us to apply a finishing texture of your preference.

Plaster Repair
Plaster Repair

Block Wall Rendering

Upgrade your entertainment areas and fences by rendering your standard old block wall. We can apply a levelling compound to produce a high quality even and true surface followed by a finishing texture of your preference transforming and modernising your outdoor spaces.