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The Benefits of Painting

The Benefits of Painting

Painting your home has got more benefits than just sprucing up the look and colour. In the long run there are cost savings, not only from protecting the home, but because the value of the home is also protected or even increased by keeping the exterior neat, tidy and fresh.


Cost Savings

Home owners that recognise the benefits of exterior painting and paint regularly will definitely see long-term cost savings.  Over time, those savings can be substantial. Any moisture that can penetrate the walls will cause damage, whether your home is classed as a “leaky home” or not. Painting helps to keep moisture out of the sub-structure and the walls and will prevent long-term damage.

We see a difference in the way paint is applied. Making sure that there is a good seal in areas like window sills and similar places that are prone to moisture ingress is paramount. In many cases these areas require special treatment and maintenance before paint is applied.


Paint Quality

Be careful to purchase a high-quality paint like Resene or Dulux.  Painting with a low-quality paint simply does not create a lasting water-proof finish and you’ll have the cost of re-painting far sooner than would be required with a top-quality paint and an top-quality paint application.


Long- term surface protection

Sun, wind and rain have a massive impact on the exterior of your home. If there was no paint, it would probably only take a small number of years before the home would crumble. Paint protection is vastly underrated if you think what it has to endure on a day-to-day basis.

While the paint protects the walls, its also a good idea to protect the paint.  Mould, dust and grime will contribute to eroding the paint surface. To extend the life of your paint, a good house wash ensures that the paint itself stays in good shape.


The value of your home

A freshly painted house stands out in the street. Painting your home before you put it on sale will definitely add value. Ensure though that the painting is complete. The contrast between a freshly painted surface and one that has not been painted is immediately visible and there is a risk of highlighting the unpainted area, for instance gutters or roof, so make sure that the whole house is painted.


Adding your personal touch

Painting your house gives you the opportunity to add your personal touch, either by changing the colour of the entire area, or you may just want to highlight some areas.

We recommend working with a good colour consultant.


Our experience

We see the “before” and “after” of many homes. Painting has a huge visual impact on the house and, besides the clear benefits of protecting your asset, will likely to add significantly to the sales value, probably far more than the cost of getting it painted professionally.