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Your plaster cladding is the barrier between your home’s timber frame and the elements, specific maintenance and upkeep needs to happen (often in the form of small corrective work) to prevent leaks. At HomeSmart we have developed our systems over many years to provide solutions and products with workmanship that goes beyond industry standard – making the best use of your budget and providing peace of mind.

We have built reliable systems and solutions and have a reputation for quality to uphold. We have carefully selected the best repair products to achieve a cost effective maintenance solution. For example; cracks are re-meshed, then we apply a highly flexible, durable and water-resistant acrylic plaster membrane then carefully match the existing texture followed up with 2 coats of Elastomeric paint. Achieving the required finish for your home takes a high level of training and skill and therefore we only use our highly trained staff to work on your plaster clad home.

Our system for isolated cracks has been successfully applied in hundreds of homes and our repairs are virtually undetectable, whilst our remedial plaster system has future proofed entire plaster coatings, making many houses better than new.

Many plaster cladding homes don’t have a cavity system installed, which can cause problems over time. Water can get in though cracks in the plaster, anywhere the sealant has broken down including windows, doors, pipes – the list goes on. Because the water can get in but can’t get out, it can cause major problems which is why you see so many homes having to be completely reclad costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, if you put in place a fairly simple maintenance schedule you should be able to protect your home from potentially catastrophic damage. At HomeSmart, we recommend that you:

  • Paint your home at least every 10 years
  • Make sure every single door, window and cladding penetration is resealed every time the house is painted.
  • Wash your house annually
  • Clean your gutters out
  • Have an annual moisture inspection


By doing these simple things you are adding value to your home. When you are ready to sell you can show potential purchasers that you care for your house and it is a good investment.

Get different quotes, but don’t automatically select the cheapest. Make sure whoever you choose cares about the job they are doing therefore protecting your home. Ask about the products they use and why they use them. Ensure you use a company that has faith in the products they use and have exceptional reults. We believe that if you are going to do it, do it right the first time especially when it comes to something as valuable as your home.

We specifically use Elastomeric paint, it is crucial for plaster cladding as it is one of the key waterproofing agents. Our painters are specialists in Elastomeric paint application.

Additionally we also provide a free colour consultancy service through both Dulux and Resene.

If you are interested in arranging annual maintenance or have any concerns about your home,
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